Fashion designer, wife and mother of two, Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, talks to us about loving what she does, having a life outside her family and the importance of getting that extra boost in spirit postpartum.

1) Tell me a bit about your career and family and how you manage to juggle everything. I am a full time fashion designer who caters to making custom cocktail dresses and evening gowns for women. I am also a wife and mom of two kids who I'm just crazy about! Finding time to balance these two roles can be a bit difficult but It does help to have my atelier only 5 minutes from home and fantastic nannies to take care of my babies while I'm away. I'm also lucky to love what I do as most of the time it doesn't feel like work at all. But family comes first of course, now and always.

2) Being both a mother and a successful fashion designer, what advice would you give a new mom who doesn't want to lose her femininity or sense of self? Don't feel guilty to continue working or involving yourself in activities outside of your home and family. I find that this makes me a better mom and wife as the personal relationships that I develop outside make me grow as an individual.

3) What key styles or pieces should a stylish mom have in her wardrobe? Jeans, a few pairs of killer stilettos and a sharp black blazer.

4) What are the 3 pieces you wore most when you first became a mother? I bought my first pair of flats (ever) when I became a mother believe it or not! I also lived in my tank tops and shorts. Not my finest moments!

5) Did you breastfeed either of your children? If so, what was the most challenging part when it came to clothing and how did you overcome it? Yes, I breastfed both my kids until 8 months and I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a lot of milk; but with all that milk came all the problems. Clothing was particularly a challenge for me as I was extremely sensitive to wearing anything tight as it would immediately cause lumps that would lead to mastitis. I just learned to steer clear from any form fitting clothing. It wasn't easy.

6) Being a fashion designer, what do you think is missing in maternity/nursing wear for mothers that want to be stylish and feel good about themselves? I think there's a great demand for making maternity wear that is fashionable and functional. I'm sure all mamas will agree that when you're nursing, the last thing you feel is sexy and the reality being that what's readily available on the market isn't really something we would like to be seen in outside of the house. That gap needs to be filled as the first few months post-pregnancy are always the hardest and most sleep-deprived. We need that extra boost for our spirits, no matter how small :)

Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

Thanks Rosanna! Teat & Cosset's mission is to fill that gap and give new moms the boost they need to feel great about themselves again.Rosanna's gorgeous creations can be found on Instagram @rosannaocampo_r.  

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