Two Moms on a Mission to Help Postpartum Mamas Feel Their Best

Two Moms on a Mission to Help Postpartum Mamas Feel Their Best

Lorena & Majo, founders of Majka, a nourishing supplement line designed to help moms thrive postpartum, are committed to helping empower moms to take care of themselves so they can better care for the people they love.

In our interview, they tell us about their own milk supply issues and inspiration behind the brand, how they've overcome business challenges as well as what makes their products different from other lactation supplements on the market. Read on for more!

1) Tell us about Majka’s mission & products you offer new mothers. 

Our Majka mission is to empower moms to take care of themselves first so they can better care for the ones they love! Our products are not just of the best quality BUT also designed specifically for postpartum we like to say that while we are quality obsessed we are also results driven. 

Our first line of products is focused on supporting breastfeeding moms feel their best and have an ample and nourished supply. At Majka we think about lactation supplements as not just focused on how much milk you can produce but how you feel and the quality of your milk!

We currently offer:

  • Nourishing Lactation Powder, an all in one protein powder for new moms! It’s your postnatal vitamin, protein powder, galactagogues, adaptogens, antioxidants, and probiotics and enzymes all in one product. No excuses for nutrition for new moms!

  • No Bake lactation bites, nutrient dense, and no-bake Chocolate Lactation Cookie Bites are designed to help increase and enrich your milk supply, while also fueling your body. We were tired of lactation snacks just being desserts with added herbs, our bites are nutrient dense and delicious!

  • Lactation Booster, The best certified organic lactation supplement powder for breastfeeding moms looking for a safe and healthy boost in their milk supply. Really effective mix of galactagogues and adaptogens. 

  • Lactation Overnight Oats, supporting, adaptogenic, nutrient dense, delicious and convenient breakfast or snack. Perfect for breastfeeding moms that are looking to nourish and support their milk supply.

2) How are Majka products different from other products on the market? What’s your best seller?

We are very passionate about this, when looking for lactation products ourselves we were very frustrated with the fact that everything was just so focused on the amount of milk but everyone else was ignoring the fact that breastfeeding moms also wanted to feel good. Our products don't just focus on supporting supply but also nourishing mom so she feels her best. They are a holistic approach to lactation support. 

Our best seller is our Nourishing Lactation Powder, our moms love that they can get all they need in one single product! We know how busy you are with a new baby so our goal with the NLP is to be able to make it as easy as possible to get all you need in one smoothie a day. 

3) What was the inspiration behind the brand?

The inspiration was really our own experience with breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. We were very frustrated that even when talking with experts like our OBGYN and telling them we did not feel great we kept being told that it was normal. Now we know it's not normal to feel depleted, not because something is common it means it should be considered normal. The search for solutions for ourselves led us to create Majka!

4) Any customer testimonials that blew you away/made all the hard work worth it?

As a company we are SOOOOO thankful that we get testimonials like this daily and we respond to as many as we can letting them know that those testimonials keep us going! Here is one we got today:

"Hi, just want to say thank you for this product and tell you how it worked for me. This week I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital with appendicitis 5 weeks after giving birth. I was terrified about being away from my baby and worried that my supply would drop. I pumped as much as I was able to, but was exhausted from the surgery and dehydrated. As soon as I got home I ate my lactation bites and made a smoothie for lunch and by evening I could feel my supply picking back up and even pumped 5 oz of milk before bed.  While I was in the hospital I was only getting about 3 oz. Thank you thank you for helping me feed my sweet baby Estelle. - Christine"

5) Tell us about any hurdles running/growing your business and how you overcame them.

As a business we have had amazing success but we have also have had to overcome A LOT of challenges! The first one being that neither of us had ever had a product based direct to consumer business that involved so many moving parts so that slowed our growth in the beginning because there was so much learning. It’s not just selling on your website but all that has to happen behind the scenes for that sale to happen. We tried to do everything ourselves in the beginning but realized that getting mentors and looking for expert help in the different areas really helped move our business forward faster. 

6) If you could go back to being a new mom, those first few months, what advice would you give yourself? Anything you would do differently? 

Lorena: I would tell myself to focus on ME! Stop thinking about what others think about the type of mom you should be. Be the mom you want to be and the one that you feel your family needs. I was so scared in the beginning thinking everything I did was wrong or bad BUT ultimately discovered that you have to focus on what makes you feel good in order to be the best version of yourself for your family. 

Majo: I would 100% pay more attention to myself and ask for help when I need it. With my first baby, I constantly felt overwhelmed and in a way lost, I was the first one to have a baby amongst our friends and family and I always felt guilty that I wasn't doing things the right way. Taking care of myself, asking for support and help when needed and accepting advice but doing what I believed was right for me and my baby was a blessing after I had Luna, my second baby.

7) Describe your breastfeeding journey . What did you wish you knew about breastfeeding when you began your motherhood journey? Anything you would do differently?

Lorena: My breastfeeding journey started as a HUGE shock! I had not been around a lot of breastfeeding moms at that time and I thought it just looked so easy. I remember looking at all these breastfeeding pictures on Instagram and thinking, “How hard can it be?” And as soon as I had Diego and I did not even know how to hold him for him to latch - I knew that it was going to be a hard road for us. Since I was also super stressed that caused me to have low supply issues, which added to the stress! It was like a vicious cycle that took me a while to get off of. My biggest mistake as not educating myself BEFORE having the baby, assuming that the hard part was the pregnancy and not being proactive about the postpartum part. Now with my second, my experience has been completely different!

Majo: My breastfeeding journey was really a challenge from the start, with Christian I thought i knew everything - just put the baby on and he will eat. And that was one of my biggest mistakes I had made. He was latching wrong, which caused me to have constant pain and he wasn't eating enough. I was also always stressed and couldn't pump more than 2 oz at a time, which made me feel so guilty and scared that I wasn't feeding baby enough. I start supplementing and by month 4 quit completely. Working with a lactation consultant and educating myself on what I needed to do and what was the best and most proper nutrition for me during this period made my breastfeeding journey the second time completely different and much easier.

8) Three words that describe you as a mother 

Lorena: Strong, kind, present / Majo: Loving, patient, strong.

9) Future plans for Maja?

So Many!!!!!!! This year we are launching over 5 new products and in September we will be launching a product that we are extremely excited about because it is our first product that is not to support lactation. We want to continue to expand our product line and resources to support moms all over the world. 


Thanks Lorena & Majo for sharing and thanks for sending us your Nourishing Lactation Power samples, which we'll be including in customer orders during World Breastfeeding Week from August 1st-August 7th! xoxo, Peggy


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