We've put together a list of our top styles to help you travel comfortably while looking great.

A perfect piece for airline travel. When a plane feels like an icebox, let the gorgeous Cariaggi cashmere we made the Vittoria with keep you cozy. And when you need to nurse it'll allow you to do so discreetly. Plus, layering for travel is essential if you want to be comfortable and prepared and its slight oversize style allows you to drape it over any top. We love the beige but the charcoal version we offer allows you to enjoy your time away from home without worrying about stains.


Our cashmere ponchos are also great for warmth and layering. And you can nurse your baby and keep them and yourself covered if you wish. Our Rachele has a textured look while the Olimpia is smooth and simple. Pick one depending on nothing more than a whim! They come in a variety of lovely shades so you can feel gorgeous while trekking through airports and new destinations.


If you're going someplace warm and by a beach or to a city during spring we think our shirtdress should have a place in your suitcase. Its four snaps allow you to nurse easily and discreetly and its easy relaxed fit is perfect for a walk, a siesta or hanging out with family.


Our Sveva is a relaxed and looser version of a typical blazer. It will keep you warm and covered while you nurse. You can stroll around a new city, go out to eat, visit your family for the holidays and look stylish with no effort at all.
We've saved the best for last. These leggings will never pinch, squeeze or squash you while you sit for hours on planes, trains, buses or even ferries! And they will keep you warm while the AC is on full blast. Once you get to your final destination wear our Evas for a walk in the evening and be cozy, comfortable and stylish.

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