Pregnancy, Nursing & Motherhood: Picking a Wardrobe That Does it All

Pregnancy, Nursing & Motherhood: Picking a Wardrobe That Does it All

By Kara Neff

I discovered I was pregnant with my first fairly early on, and it was a shock; it wasn’t planned, I was in my late 20’s, I felt young. My career was barely off the ground, and my relationship, though eight years in, was just rounding out its second bout of career-induced long-distance. Needless to say, I didn’t feel ready for motherhood and marriage, and a huge part of me – stubbornly, selfishly – felt like my youth had come to a screeching halt.

As my body started to expand and my torso began to inflate, at first slowly, and then rapidly, these feelings didn’t change. My high-waisted, skinny jean and t-shirt uniform wasn’t going to fly anymore, and finding the right alternatives for my new and quickly changing body wasn’t just about pregnancy – it was for post-pregnancy, too. I knew that my new body would necessitate a wardrobe update, but I also had reservations about spending money on items that would only last me the duration of my pregnancy. Which is why I prioritized pieces with longevity, pieces that would take me from pregnancy to motherhood, seamlessly. 

Here’s the thing: pregnancy and motherhood may mean that you change the way you dress, because it does, and you will. But the one lesson I’ve learned, and the one misconception that I’d love to finally put to bed, is that it doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice style or comfort. Pregnancy and motherhood will quickly start to dictate the way you pick your clothes. You’ll begin to look for pieces that are fluid, versatile, effortless and washable. But you’ll also become choosy, less frivolous, and smarter. And that’s because you don’t have the luxury of time anymore. Between school drop-offs, parent-teacher meet-and-greets, morning meetings and after-work cocktails, your priorities will have entirely shifted.

And just as every mom wears sweatpants, so too does every mom have to leave the house. For each of life’s moments, and for every step of the way, choose the pieces that embrace your sense of self, your feminine but fierce sense of womanhood, and the beautiful, colossally chaotic journey that is motherhood. 


Photography: Wellrounded NY / Stylish Hip Kids Photography

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