Shooting FW19 at Tenuta di Monaciano

Shooting FW19 at Tenuta di Monaciano

We're always dreaming about special and beautiful locations where we can photograph our Italian made styles. For our Fall/Winter collection the place we chose was the Monaciano Estate, minutes away from the historical center of Siena in Tuscany.

Villa Monaciano - Front facade

Villa Monaciano - FW19 photoshoot Teat & Cosset

We shot our e-commerce photos against this beautiful backdrop on the villa's facade. Caterina is wearing the Viola dress in black.

The words special and beautiful barely do this eden justice. While working to showcase our pieces for our lovely moms we couldn't help but take time to appreciate the things that make the Tuscan countryside such a peaceful and exquisite part of the world.

Red Giada dress - Villa Monaciano

Susanna in our ribbed Giada dress in one of the gardens on the estate.
Black Viola dress - Maternity dress - Villa Monaciano

Our Viola dress pictured above on the villa's 2nd floor terrace overlooking the Tuscan countryside.

From different vantage points among the estate's farmhouses we could see vineyards that produce Chianti Classico. We could see the fields and groves where wheat and olives are harvested.

The main house, dating back to 1870 and built in the Florentine style, stands amid an English garden. The interiors were breathtaking and we couldn't help but shoot a couple of our elegant new styles in the regal ballroom and the period-piece bedrooms.

grey isabella jumpsuit - maternity jumpsuit - villa monaciano

We used the magnificent ballroom as the backdrop for our new Isabella jumpsuit, a style we hope you adore as much as we do.

Grey beatrice turtleneck - maternity nursing sweater - villa monaciano

The above is the corner section of one of the master bedrooms in the villa. We love the elegant period pieces in this room, including the couch where we shot our Beatrice turtleneck.

Behind the scenes - Villa Monaciano - FW19 photoshoot

Above, our photographer and makeup artist behind the scenes in one of the master bedrooms.

We fell in love with the greenhouse during our first visit and knew we wanted to shoot one of our styles in there. (We ended up shooting our cashmere Rachele poncho!)

cashmere rachele poncho in beige - maternity poncho - greenhouse
The greenhouse above where we shot our Rachele poncho.
greenhouse - villa monaciano

Silvia and Dafne being careful not to slip on the mossy stone floor in the greenhouse during our first visit to the estate.

We walked around the grounds and shot our collection among old statues and verdant chestnut, cedar and palm trees. There were large potted lemon trees waiting to be placed indoors to be protected from the upcoming winter's cold.

lemon trees villa monaciano

The lemon trees above waiting to be placed indoors.

statues villa monaciano

During our first visit to the estate. We brought some family members along!

The natural grotta, called "Laghetto della Venere" was brimming with water lilies and was the backdrop of our photos with model Caterina wearing our cashmere Rachele poncho. 

rachele poncho in lavender grey - maternity poncho

The natural grotta behind Caterina, who's pictured wearing our Rachele poncho.

We hope you fall in love with our FW19 collection when it pops up on our website tomorrow. But don't forget to take a moment to glimpse the loveliness of Monaciano. We miss it already!

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