Taking steps to keep healthy, mentally and physically, is a year round endeavor. This is even more important when you're a new mom, nursing your baby. And now that it's warming up just a little you might have more energy and optimism to do things that make you feel good.

We've started thinking about just this, over here at our home base. About what we do to keep healthy and mentally balanced. We want to share a few of those things, they're small easy steps but they might make a difference. It's usually the simple things that do :)


Major life changes such as having a baby and nursing can bring about anxiety. Find the time and take 20 deep belly breaths. If you can do this morning, noon and night we promise after a few weeks you will feel calmer.


When you bring your new baby home take the time to recover and rest. Your body needs it. One way to accomplish this leads us to the next tip.

Say Yes to Help

People will offer to help you. Maybe it's a pan of food, an offer to clean your bathroom, do a load of your laundry... Don't demure! Accept the offer and one day you can return the favor or pay it forward.


As a new mom or a mom nursing her third child you may not have time to hit the treadmill. But a simple walk, for 20 minutes, will do you good. Take note of how you feel before you start and then once again when you're finished. The difference will amaze you.

Vitamin D

As a nursing mother speak to your doctor before taking a supplement. (Find out more here on supplementation while breastfeeding.)  Many of us are deficient in Vitamin D. It does a lot for our bodies but the most important thing, in our opinion, is how it can effect your mood. 


Sometimes you feel lethargic. Depleted. Trust us and take a long drink of water.  It won't only help you feel better but it will keep up your milk supply. Sometimes it's as simple as that.

Natural Beauty

You may be thinking about all the things you take in and even put on your body now that you're nursing a little one. A few years ago we discovered a company that makes natural beauty products. They're called Earth tu Face. Take five minutes to use their cleanser and face balm and you'll leave the bathroom smelling like a flower garden and feeling refreshed.

Take care! xoxo, Teat & Cosset

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