peggy and dafne Teat&Cosset

Why a clothing brand?
We find that a big obstacle facing moms while pregnant and breastfeeding is finding functional yet stylish clothing. Design, quality and functionality are equally important to us and define our brand.

How are we different?
We make superior quality clothes that telegraph style and not maternity wear. Each piece is special - thoughtfully produced in Italy, home of beautiful textiles & exceptional craftsmanship. 

We also choose to use mostly natural fibers for their breathable, hygienic and sustainable properties.  We believe in investing in few quality pieces that last a lifetime.

Ultimately, we want you to wear and cherish our clothes long after you've had your baby.

So how did Teat & Cosset come about?
I quit my investment banking job in NYC in 2010 and decided to travel the world. During my travels I met my husband and ended up moving to Italy from the US to be with him. In just a few years I changed countries, careers, got married and had a baby!

In the winter of 2015, my daughter Dafne was just a few months old and the novelty of calling myself a mother still had not worn off. I spent most days at home, nesting and bonding with her. It was a precious time, yet challenging and new. I still looked pregnant, my daughter could only be consoled by breastfeeding and I rarely got more than a three-hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep per night. But I will never forget the moments I spent marveling at my daughter, thinking what a miracle she was, and of my own mother's selfless attention and help during this period.

Along with getting used to my new role as a mother came the need for all types of baby gear, including breastfeeding tops. It was difficult finding winter tops that would keep me warm and that I could comfortably breastfeed in, either at home or out. Besides not always being functional, why did most nursing wear have that same tired stretchy wrap look with miniscule slit openings that I barely used? I refused to spend any more money on something I was going to get rid of after I finished breastfeeding.

The following summer I went to my local seamstress to have two shirts made. Both had to have easy to open snaps and be versatile enough to be worn during the day and evening. I wanted (and needed!) clothes I felt good in and that I could open fast enough to nurse my daughter.  Wearing beautiful, yet functional clothes positively changed how I felt about my experience nursing and pumping. 

During my journey creating T&C I was lucky enough to recruit Silvia, an Italian fashion journalist from Milan (and also a great friend), whose eye for style and experience in the business has helped catapult the brand forward. Together we're slowly growing our brand to help pregnant and nursing moms look and feel great.

At the forefront of every Teat & Cosset decision is our customer, the tireless mom who wants the best for her and her baby.