Talking knitwear with Clouds.


Clouds was created in 1998 by two friends Matilde Basilio and Carlo Lanterno, who both aspired to create perfect garments of the highest quality.

Today their firm is situated in an immaculate building in Perugia, Italy and is a reference point in the knitwear world, calling some of the world’s biggest luxury brands their clients.  Their strong points: research & development of production and processing techniques. And the details! We've collaborated with them to produce 4 of our stunning pieces that are breastfeeding friendly; the Katelyn turtleneck, the Giorgia pullover, the Sveva Blazer and Ada Skirt.

Matilde and Carlo share some of their insights into making quality knitwear with us:

1) What does “Made in Italy” mean to Clouds?  What we’ve always done; research, technical development and intellectual commitment.  ‘Made in Italy’ reflects a culture of beauty that transforms itself into special and unique pieces.  It also means quality; we produce a limited quantity of pieces because each garment takes many hours to produce.

2) Clouds isn’t simply an expert in knitwear production, but also a creative workshop. How do you manage to transform a designer’s ideas into reality?  We are able to transform a designer’s vision into reality with passion, dedication and 30 years of experience.

 3) Is it easier to work with young designers just starting out, or bigger brands?  It doesn’t matter whether they are just starting out or famous brands.  It is easiest to work with creative and positive people.

 4) How important is the synergy between the designer and you, the producer? Have you ever had to make pieces that you personally didn’t like?  Synergy is very important, if it’s not there, collaborating becomes impossible.  Yes, we’ve had to make pieces that were not in line with our tastes and the collaboration didn’t last long.