Sarti Toscani

There's nothing sexier than a woman in a man's shirt.


That's what Manuel Locci (and most other men!) thinks.  Manuel is the 3rd generation family member running Sarti Toscani, a bespoke tailor shop in Arezzo, Italy.  We decided to partner with Manuel to create our shirt collection for Autumn/Winter 2016. Find out why below.

Sarti Toscani pink stripe


1) Tell us about how Sarti Toscani started.  In the summer of 1942, in the midst of worldwide conflict, my grandfather, Luigi D’Urso, started working as a tailor’s apprentice at a small shop in Arezzo.  Fast forward 20 years and his creations could be seen on Italy’s most prominent figures.  In 1982, my father Claudio, fascinated by Luigi’s skill and success in the sartorial craft, decided to join the business.  Today, 74 years after my grandfather’s apprenticeship, I am the 3rd generation running the family business.

2) What differentiates you from other clothing manufacturers?  We do extensive research when it comes to finding quality materials from all over the world; vicuna from the Andes, wool from Australia and New Zealand, Egyptian cotton, Asian silks and Tahitian pearls to name a few.  Materials that our clients can appreciate from a sensorial perspective.

Our clothing is made exclusively in Tuscany; designed, cut and sewn in our Arezzo workshop.  We specialize in bespoke pieces and make sure every detail and line is perfect.

3) Since you specialize in men’s bespoke clothing, what do you think a woman can steal from her man's wardrobe?  Women have been wearing mens sweaters and shirts since the 80’s; they're always looking to change their look and experiment with different clothing.

I think a woman can borrow her man’s boxers, his sweater or even use his tie as a belt.  She can wear his classic button down shirt; perfect for every occasion, from leisure, to work and events, and it's especially fitting for life as a mom.  There's nothing sexier than a woman in a man's shirt!

4) Why did you decide to collaborate with Teat & Cosset? What have you used from your experience as a man’s tailor for this capsule collection?  Teat & Cosset proposed this collaboration because they loved the quality and details of our shirts, something they didn’t find in women’s tailoring, whose stitching and construction is generally not as well-finished and lack attention to detail.

We’re experts when it comes to tailoring and how to make each piece fit perfectly thanks to the bespoke service we offer our clients and our continuous research and evolution.  We’re excited about the opportunity to work on this capsule collection for new moms because we can incorporate the special details and tailoring that distinguish high quality shirts from the rest.

Sarti Toscani monochrome