Tasselli Cashmere

Who is making our breastfeeding-friendly clothing?


Today we are profiling one of our producers, Tasselli Cashmere, an Italian knitting mill with whom we've collaborated with to produce a few beautiful and functional styles for breastfeeding moms.


Tasselli Cashmere


Tasselli Cashmere produces high quality artisanal knitwear, in line with new trends and adapting to the needs and wants of an ever more demanding clientele.

The family business was built on a foundation of skills and traditions secretly guarded in small knitting mills in Umbria, Italy, the home of Italian cashmere.

It is in Bevagna, a small Umbrian town, where Renzo Tasselli mastered his skills in knitwear and decided to open his eponymous workshop and knitting factory, Tasselli Cashmere, over 40 years ago.

Combining innovation and tradition has been in the company’s DNA from the start, allowing the family business to grow with Renzo’s sons, Diego and Domenico, now at the helm.

Below Diego & Domenico (photographed with their father Renzo, above) answer some of our questions:


Tasselli Cashmere


1. What does Made in Italy mean to you? Made in Italy signifies many things.  Above all it means responsibility; towards the client that trusts us and towards our work.  Our clients come from all over the world and expect technical excellence and maximum creativity.  We cannot let them down.

2. How do you guarantee quality to your clientele?  All of our pieces are certified under the Traceability and Fashion certification of Italy’s UniCamere for businesses.  Our suppliers are also certified, guaranteeing a safe and high quality end product.

3. What are the different phases of production? The raw material we use, himalayan cashmere, is processed and spun in Italy.  All successive phases of production are internal, including the design process.  Domenico Tasselli and his design team are always searching for new inspiration and spend months developing and testing new ideas.  Nothing about the production of each piece is left to chance; from the stitching to the buttons, to the proportions and volume of each sweater.


Tasselli Cashmere


4. What are the essential elements that make a quality sweater?  The indispensable ingredients to make a high quality sweater are the raw materials, which have to be top notch, the stitching, the fit and accuracy of the proportions and finally the choice of innovative details that make the piece unique and special.

It’s easy to describe what defines a high quality sweater, but it takes hard work and passion to make one.